THIS STARTER KIT INCLUDES: - Ceramic Gourd YerBee Green Cup 350 ml - Bombilla 19 cm - 500g Taragui Energy


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- Ceramic Gourd YerBee Green Cup 350 ml 

- Bombilla 19 cm

- 500g Taragui Energy

Yerba Mate Taragui Energy:

If you want long lasting energy this is what you are looking for !

Taragüi is the leading brand of yerba mate in the world. We are pleased to offer you + Energy Yerba Mate with the highest caffeine content.

+Energy is the first yerba with the highest natural content of mateine, specially selected due to its harvesting season. This kind of yerba will definitely give you energy for all day. It is a yerba mate with real stems. The intense and very genuine taste makes this a special one.

The word Taragüi comes from the Guaraní language and means Corrientes - name of the province in northeast Argentina where the Taragüi is produced. Nowadays it is the leading yerba mate type in the Argentinean market. This is one of the most intense and aromatic yerba harvested in full summer.

Produced and packaged in totally desolate despalada from Paraguay, created specialy for export. The finally cut dried leaves contain have a strong and very  aromatic taste. This special product is formed only by drying leaves and the minimum number of very fine twigs. Slightly toasted and crumbled leaves, mixed with fragments of young dried branches, petioles and floral peduncles give a characteristic, heavily smoked aroma is clearly noticeable in the taste.

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