Verde Mate Green Despalada Small Sample Bag 50g


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Verde Mate Green Despalada 

Yerba Mate Green – Despalada is a yerba from Brazil. Opening the Verde Mate, your nostrils will strike the fresh aroma of the wild rainforest. Intense green drought is practically devoid of dust. Its brew will take you to the land of the last free people – the Amazonian Indians. Gently vegetarian, but intense flavor hides a great power of excitation and a whole range of nutrients invaluable to the body. It is due to the careful process of preparing one of the best mate green. This is the reason for our pride. Verde mate is a yerbabe whose qualities will be appreciated by both beginners in the art of sifting and savvy and knowledgeable mateists. Ideal position for people who want to try something new. By reaching for this yerb you have guaranteed the highest quality of excitement. Perfect for refreshing terere.

Composition 100% Green Mate

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