Taragui Anise & Camomile Tea Bags 3g Ingredients: - 90% Yerba Mate - 5% Anise - 5% Camomile


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Taragui Anise & Camomile Tea Bags 3g 

The tradition of drinking yerba mate is such an important part of the South American culture. This is specifically true in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. However in addition it is also enjoyed in other South American countries. Typically, yerba mate is drunk from a natural gourd (a hollowed out fruit) used as a cup. Drinkers then sip the infusion through a metal straw known as a bombilla that has a filtered end to separate the infusion from the yerba leaves. This happens while groups of friends and family get together to chat, and enjoy mate together. In recent times, teabags have become very popular.

Whilst teabags don’t give the same experience as drinking traditionally, they are very convenient. The quality of taste is the same! Consequently they can be easily enjoyed when brewing yerba mate traditionally would be difficult such as at work.


- 90% Yerba Mate

- 5% Anise 

- 5% Camomile 

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