Mate Green Hemp 400g


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Mate Green Hemp:

The first original yerba mate with hemp. Finest composition of the highest quality Brazilian mate.  After preparation, we get a deliciously fragrant infusion with a great, refreshing taste. Pure yerba mate leaves without dust, along with noble additives will appeal to lovers of dry, herbal flavors. The addition of medical sage and lemongrass perfectly matches the note of mate and provides refreshing notes in the infusion. Organic hemp flour brings the taste to its full originality. Original Cannabis tastes delicious prepared both hot and cold - as terere. It will certainly be enjoyed by beginners and advanced mateists who want to broaden their mathematical horizons.


- yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) 92%,

- hemp flour 2%,

- lemongrass,

- sage,

- lemon peel,

- natural flavors.