Kurupi Citrus Small Sample Bag 50g


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Kurupi Citrus: 

Kurupi Citrus is a perfect combination of the natural qualities of yerba mate with citrus freshness. Yerba is addressed to lovers of naturally fruity flavours. Excellent quality products from a recognized producer. Its action is comparable to the traditional one, but its taste is stimulating and refreshing. The perfectly refreshing lemon aroma perfectly complements the bitter sensations of great-quality yerba mate. It will be perfect as a base for tereré on hot days and as a refreshing drink on cooler days. It stimulates the body and mind. Appreciated by experienced mateists, it can also be appreciated by people starting their adventure with yerba.

YERBA MATE TEA INGREDIENTS : Leaves, sticks, dust (yerba mate), lemon verbena, common verbena, boldo, citrus aroma.


Classic bitter taste combined with refreshing aroma.


Perfect for terere.