THIS STARTER KIT INCLUDES: - Ceramic Yerba Mate Cup Various Type - Bombilla 16 cm - Wooden Scoop - 50g Selecta Energy - 50g Mateine Coffeine+ - 50g Guarani Elaborada - 50g Pajarito Elaborada


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- Ceramic Luka Cup, approx. 350 ml Various Color

- Ceramic YerBee Cup, approx. 350 ml 

- Ceramic YerBee Bird Cup, approx. 300 ml 

- Ceramic YerBee Drive Cup, approx. 260 ml 

- Bombilla 16 cm

- Wooden Scoop

- 50g Selecta Energy 

- 50g Mateine Coffeine+

- 50g Guarani Elaborada

- 50g Pajarito Elaborada


Selecta Energy is an excellent option for those who looking for a deep flavor and aroma of yerba mate. Originaly harvested on small farms in Paraguay. Yerba mate Selecta series is very appreciated and well known around the world. Noble drought also gives excellent flavor and aroma. The seeds of the guaraná plant are a natural source of caffeine.

Yerba Mate Mateine Caffeine+ : 

Yerba Mate Mateine Caffeine + is surely one of the strongest Yerba Mate on the market

 100% Paraguayan green gold.

 If you’re looking for a boost of energy that strong like it could come from an espresso bean, look no further than this South American super-beverage made of the steeped leaves and twigs of an paraguayan plant

 contains even 2x more caffeine dose than most popular argentinian and paraguayan Mate brands.

 The recommended dose is only 20mg!! drink responsibly!

 A cup of coffee (100ml) contains 39 mg of caffeine. Our Mate contains (prepared from 20g of product )  - 65,8mg!

Yerba Mate Guarani Elaborada Traditional :

As soon as we sense the aroma of dried fruit, we have no doubts. It is a proud and magnificent magic of the classic. Yerba with leaves, pieces of twigs and pollen is a tradition of the taste of "made in Paraguay" products. Truly Paraguayan.

Composition Yerba Mate: The drought is varied. Guarani Elborada does not hide anything. In the package we have dried leaves and twigs of various sizes surrounded by classic dust. Already in the first contact, we can sense this light smoke and the extremely attractive smell of dried mate.

Pajarito Elaborada :

Pajarito Elaborada is a traditional yerba mate from Paraguay. It’s one of the most popular yerba mate brands in the world. Due to smoke drying of leaves, it has a distinctive bitter aroma. Anyone who has tasted it once remembers its unique taste for a long time. Don’t hesitate! Try the genuine classic!

100% traditional smoke dried yerba mate (leaves, twigs and dust).

Intense and expressive flavour. Tangible bitterness and strong aroma. Genuine Paraguayan mate tea experience!