THIS STARTER KIT INCLUDES: - Ceramic Yerba Mate Cup Various Type - Bombilla 16 cm - Wooden Scoop - 50g Kurupi Katuava Energy - 50g Kurupi Clasica - 50g Kurupi Fitness - 50g Kurupi Citrus


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- Ceramic YerBee Cup, approx. 350 ml  Various Type

- Ceramic Cristal Cup, approx. 300 ml  Various Type

- Ceramic Can, approx. 300 ml 

- Ceramic YerBee Bird Cup, approx. 300 ml 

- Ceramic Pera Cup, approx. 300 ml Various Type

- Ceramic YerBee Drive Cup, approx. 260 ml 

- Bombilla 16 cm

- Wooden Scoop

- 50g Kurupi Katuava Energy

- 50g Kurupi Clasica 

- 50g Kurupi Fitness 

- 50g Kurupi Citrus 

Kurupi Energy with Katuava: 500g

Perfectly refreshing combination of stimulating yerba mate and herbs that support organism. What does it mean? It's worth having a look on the ingredients. Kurupi Katuava is a delicate and refreshing mix of yerba mate and herbs. They soften the bitter taste. Katuava and burrito fulfill also functions other than enriching the taste of the infusion. They're to support the organism. Kurupi Katuava has got an original taste. It makes a great basis for terere and boosts energy level. Katuava has been used by Indian tribes as a stimulant. Great both for beginners and advanced yerba mate drinkers.

YERBA MATE TEA INGREDIENTS : Yerba mate, katuava, burrito.


Delicate aroma with sweet taste notes. Great stimulant.


Remarkable power of stimulation in every sense of the word. It stimulates the body and mind. The double packaging perfectly protects the herb against losing its valuable properties.

Kurupi Clasica: 500g

Classic Paraguayan elaborada that is processed in a special way thanks to which it gains a unique taste. It's one of the strongest yerba mate teas - its features will be appreciated by advanced mateists. It's a perfect proposition for everyone who is looking for a strong taste and stimulation. Kurupi Clasica is a natural source of pleasure! It has an incredible, bitter flavour and aroma. Because of a long time of seasoning it's a bit more delicate than Kurupi Traditional.

YERBA MATE TEA INGREDIENTS : Leaves, twigs, dust (100% yerba mate).


Intense version of classics, traditionally strong. Bitter and perfectly stimulating.


High quality of package protects yerba mate from losing its aroma.

Kurupi Fitness: 500g

Exceptional action while maintaining excellent taste - this is Kurupi Fitness. Orange peel, which is the dominant addition, has an extremely positive effect on the taste of the composition. Boldo, widely appreciated in South America, Horsetail and dill prove how effective Kurupi Fitness is. By reaching for this proposal, you are guaranteed a really wise choice. Let's add - a delicious choice!

YERBA MATE TEA INGREDIENTS : Yerba mate, boldo, fennel, field horsetail, orange zest.


At first, you will feel the pleasantly tickling smell of orange peel. Thanks to this, you will gain the right appetite, the appetite for yerba mate. Delicate and balanced herbal flavour will please you for a long time.


You can brew it as a hot infusion or cold terere.

Kurupi Citrus: 500g

Kurupi Citrus is a perfect combination of the natural qualities of yerba mate with citrus freshness. Yerba is addressed to lovers of naturally fruity flavours. Excellent quality products from a recognized producer. Its action is comparable to the traditional one, but its taste is stimulating and refreshing. The perfectly refreshing lemon aroma perfectly complements the bitter sensations of great-quality yerba mate. It will be perfect as a base for tereré on hot days and as a refreshing drink on cooler days. It stimulates the body and mind. Appreciated by experienced mateists, it can also be appreciated by people starting their adventure with yerba.

YERBA MATE TEA INGREDIENTS : Leaves, sticks, dust (yerba mate), lemon verbena, common verbena, boldo, citrus aroma.


Classic bitter taste combined with refreshing aroma.


Perfect for terere.

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