THIS STARTER KIT INCLUDES: - Ceramic Yerba Mate Cup Various Type - Bombilla 16 cm - Wooden Scoop - 50g Mate Green Fitness - 50g Mate Green Detox - 50g Kurupi Fitness - 50g Campesino Fitness


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- Ceramic YerBee Cup, approx. 350 ml  Various Type

- Ceramic Cristal Cup, approx. 300 ml  Various Type

- Ceramic Can, approx. 300 ml 

- Ceramic YerBee Bird Cup, approx. 300 ml 

- Ceramic Pera Cup, approx. 300 ml Various Type

- Ceramic YerBee Drive Cup, approx. 260 ml 

- Bombilla 16 cm

- Wooden Scoop

- 50g Mate Green Fitness 

- 50g Mate Green Detox 

- 50g Kurupi Fitness 

- 50g Campesino Fitness 

Kurupi Fitness: 500g

Exceptional action while maintaining excellent taste - this is Kurupi Fitness. Orange peel, which is the dominant addition, has an extremely positive effect on the taste of the composition. Boldo, widely appreciated in South America, Horsetail and dill prove how effective Kurupi Fitness is. By reaching for this proposal, you are guaranteed a really wise choice. Let's add - a delicious choice!

YERBA MATE TEA INGREDIENTS : Yerba mate, boldo, fennel, field horsetail, orange zest.


At first, you will feel the pleasantly tickling smell of orange peel. Thanks to this, you will gain the right appetite, the appetite for yerba mate. Delicate and balanced herbal flavour will please you for a long time.


You can brew it as a hot infusion or cold terere.

Campesino Fitness : 

Campesino Fitness is a blend of high-quality Paraguayan yerba mate with herbs that stimulate metabolism. No wonder that it is most often chosen by active people and those who want to lose weight. In the composition of Campesino Fitness, in addition to Paraguayan holly, we will find leaves of the senna (Cassia alexandrina) and horsetail (Equisetum arvense). The combination gives it an exceptionally pleasant, herbal taste. The producer originally packs dried herbs in hermetic bags enclosed in a cardboard box.

YERBA MATE TEA INGREDIENTS : yerba mate (leaves and sticks in the presence of dust), senna, field horsetail, flavouring.


Pleasantly herbal aroma with traces of bitterness characteristic for mate tea infusions.


Chosen by those who want to lose weight

Mate Green Fitness :

Yerba Mate Green 'FITNESS' is a composition prepared by professional herbalists. Unique combination of pure yerba mate, pu-erh red tea, mulberry leaf, peppermint, rosehip, fennel fruit and sea buckthorn fruit makes that leaf blend ideal for begginers either for long time mate drinkers.

Combination of pure yerba mate, pu-erh red tea, mulberry leaf, peppermint, rosehip, fennel fruit and sea buckthorn fruit

Mate Green Detox :

This yerba mate contains 91% mate green Despalada and 9% of additions: milk thistle, lemon balm and dried plum aroma. Mate green Detox is reccomended for people who would like to detox their bodies from all toxins. Taste of that yerba is begginers-friendly, there is no dust in that blend.

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