THIS STARTER KIT INCLUDES: - Ceramic Yerba Mate Cup Various Type - Bombilla 16 cm - Wooden Scoop - 50g Cruz De Malta Elaborada - 50g Rosamonte Elaborada - 50g Amanda Elaborada - 50g Taragui Elaborada


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- Ceramic Luka Cup, approx. 350 ml Various Color

- Ceramic YerBee Cup, approx. 350 ml 

- Ceramic YerBee Bird Cup, approx. 300 ml 

- Ceramic YerBee Drive Cup, approx. 260 ml 

- Bombilla 16 cm

- Wooden Scoop

- 50g Cruz De Malta Elaborada

- 50g Rosamonte Elaborada

- 50g Amanda Elaborada 

- 50g Taragui Elaborada

Cruz de Malta Elaborada:

It is one of the oldest companies in South America which produces Yerba Mate. This traditional Yerba has been produced since 1874 by the company Larangeira Mendes S.A. Cruz de Malta is one of the most important companies in Argentina which produces Yerba Mate.

Always bringing their production up to date and taking special cares of their harvest in order to guarantee its quality. The yerba is dried and storage the necessary period of time in order to get the perfect ripeness, aroma and characteristic taste with a 100% natural product. Cruz de Malta with stems has a nice aroma and is perfect for beginners.  

Rosamonte Elaborada:

Argentine yerba mate containing leaves and sticks. Precisely selected twigs and finely ground leaves. It undergoes a special preparation process and a sufficiently long period of aging. Iridescent deep classic taste - nimbus and pride of Argentine yerba mate. Rosamonte has been produced consistently since the end of the 19th century. The calculated taste and absolutism of this mate is a mature proposition for all mateists. Aged with the addition of rosewood, which gives it a delicate rose aroma.

Amanda Elaborada:

Yerba Mate Amanda Elaborada defines the classic Argentine mate tea. If you are looking for the highest quality in traditional edition, that’s the way to go. Amanda Elaborada contains carefully selected leaves in presence of dust and twigs. Amanda Elaborada is a stimulating mate tea. Recommended both for beginners and advanced mate tea fans.

Finely cut leaves and sticks with a small amount of dust (100% yerba mate)

Classic bitter flavour typical for Argentine mate tea.

Yerba Mate Taragui Elaborada:

Loose leaf yerba mate Taragui Roja with stems (con palos) an Argentinian Classic

Taragui is one of the key brands of the Argentinian powerhouse yerba producer Las Marias. Las Marias has been producing yerba mate since 1924. It operates a strict policy of high level quality control while at the same time protecting the rights of workers.

Ingredients: 100% Yerba Mate