Campesino Fitness Small Sample Bag 50g


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Campesino Fitness : 

Campesino Fitness is a blend of high-quality Paraguayan yerba mate with herbs that stimulate metabolism. No wonder that it is most often chosen by active people and those who want to lose weight. In the composition of Campesino Fitness, in addition to Paraguayan holly, we will find leaves of the senna (Cassia alexandrina) and horsetail (Equisetum arvense). The combination gives it an exceptionally pleasant, herbal taste. The producer originally packs dried herbs in hermetic bags enclosed in a cardboard box.

YERBA MATE TEA INGREDIENTS : yerba mate (leaves and sticks in the presence of dust), senna, field horsetail, flavouring.


Pleasantly herbal aroma with traces of bitterness characteristic for mate tea infusions.


Chosen by those who want to lose weight