Black Yerba Mate Thermos 1L


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Yerba Mate flask with precision pour spout.

There have many different types of stainless steel and plastic flasks to drink yerba mate.

However over time people realised that the key was to have a proper spout (pico). This would mean no spillage of water when serving.

Until someone came up with this special spout called in spanish “pico cebador” which was specially designed for the South American market of Yerba Mate drinkers.

These days pretty much everyone in Uruguay carry one of this.

This stainless steel flask is is perfect for either cold or hot liquids and is ideal for precision pouring. The red spout can also be removed leaving a wider rim serving surface, ideal for coffee.

Can also be used for transporting coffee, tea and juice any thin liquid will enjoy the precision pouting of this stylish stainless steel flask

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